Let your light shine!

My Own True Friend

A demon sent from heaven,
Pretty as an egg,
Clothe in man’s clothing,
An Angel in disguise.

Life was cold and old,
Time on hold to fold,
But your coming untold,
Sent a light to behold.

Dwell with me I pray,
Don’t mind being your prey,
Having you in my story all day,
Gives me a reason to stay.

A demon you might be,
But the heart of an Angel I see,
Sent from God to dwell with me,
A pure demon of peace.

My heart beats with you,
The twin of my mind,
I hope not to lose you,
My own true friend.


Rewriting My Past

Get me an eraser
Let me wipe a part of my story
I need a pen
To fill it with glory

My regrets and mistakes
The embarrassments and shame
I need to wipe off my lane
To write myself a beautiful past

But maybe I wouldn’t have been this wise
Where would I have gathered the experiences
What lessons would life had taught me
If my life were a piece of perfection

How would I learn to live tomorrow
What would be my motivation
What could have given me the strength
How would I direct the path of my offspring

Yet, I wish life could be perfect
I would have loved to retrace my steps
But what is a life free of errors
A life void of knowledge